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It turned out that, for Gene, adopting a kid was a very hard process, since he no secure earnings, and will not vouch for his have caregiving abilities.

pterygoid process either of the two processes on the sphenoid bone, descending within the points of junction of the great wings and your body of the bone, and each consisting of the lateral in addition to a medial plate.

Thesaurus: synonyms and connected terms Working with things or individuals attend to sb/sth be all over it idiom beard the lion (in his/her den) idiom bed arrive/get to grips with sth idiom Minimize keep keep on I/I have obtained this idiom unwell-geared up soar-start off conquer folks skills sq. hard sth out switch (sth) to sth unprocessed weather conditions weather conditions the storm idiom you/you've this idiom See extra success » You may as well obtain similar words and phrases, phrases, and synonyms from the topics:

A citizen of the international place who seeks to enter the United States usually need to 1st get hold of a U.S. visa, that is put within the traveler’s passport, a travel document issued through the traveler’s region of indian visa citizenship.

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acrosome - a process at the anterior conclude of the sperm mobile that provides enzymes to facilitate penetration of your egg

From Cambridge English Corpus   Consequently, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are just a greater method of animal existence ensuing from the sluggish evolutionary process

walk - use one particular's toes to advance; progress by ways; "Walk, Will not run!"; "We walked as an alternative to driving"; "She walks which has a slight limp"; "The affected person are not able to wander however"; "Stroll in excess of to The cupboard"

A little process around the superior border of the inferior concha that articulates With all the uncinate process on the ethmoid.

In the area on the primitive mouth in the embryo, a median swelling that is the precursor on the nose, higher lip, and front Component of the palate.

condensation - (psychoanalysis) an unconscious process whereby two Tips or illustrations or photos Mix into an individual image; especially in desires

A. In fact I was just diagnosed with ADHD. I'm fifty seven. My medical professional despatched me to some phyciatrist, and he questioned me numerous thoughts. Gave me a scrip and need to determine me back in per month. I answered 26 queries, and he rated on my solutions.

computing to carry out mathematical and logical functions on (knowledge) Based on programmed Guidance in an effort to get hold of the essential info

2. A series of operations performed in the creating or treatment of an item: a producing process; leather-based dyed in the tanning process.

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