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to change raw elements, for example by adding chemical substances or other substances to them, as Section of the production of items:

They had been informed that their child's participation from the challenge would in no way influence his remedy with the detention Centre or his lawful standing inside the adjudication process.

interrupted household p's a nursing diagnosis recognized with the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, outlined as a improve in relatives interactions and/or working.

within the process of in the midst of, in the course of, while in the midst of They're within the process of drawing up a peace approach.

evolution, growth - a process by which something passes by levels to a special phase (Specifically a more State-of-the-art or mature stage); "the development of his Thoughts took a few years"; "the evolution of Greek civilization"; "the slow development of her talent as being a author"

A citizen of a international state who seeks to enter the United States frequently should very first get hold of a U.S. visa, which is positioned while in the traveler’s passport, a vacation doc issued by the traveler’s place of citizenship.

From Cambridge English Corpus   Consequently, philosophical modernity assumes that human beings are simply an increased method of animal life resulting from a slow evolutionary process

Then we indian visa all really need to do our section to engage the officers and our Local community, and hold Absolutely everyone accountable inside the process.

pseudopod, pseudopodium - temporary outgrowth used by some microorganisms being an organ of feeding or locomotion

An upward projection with the maxilla that articulates While using the frontal bone; sorts Element of the orbit and nasal fossa.

process - a writ issued by authority of regulation; ordinarily compels the defendant's attendance in a very civil match; failure to seem leads to a default judgment towards the defendant

5. dentistry a series of functions that transform a wax pattern, for example that of the denture base, into a good denture base of Yet another content.

Additional examples Less illustrations While associations are more seen, low-profile action by particular person business players has actually been geared towards influencing the policymaking process

tuberosity, eminence, tubercle - a protuberance on the bone specifically for attachment of the muscle or ligament

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