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This might result in processor being "idle" (unused). To maintain the processor fast paced continually, the execution of such a application is halted plus the running program switches the processor to run A different system. For the user, it can look that the systems operate at the same time (for this reason the phrase "parallel").

olecranon, olecranon process - process of your ulna that varieties the outer bump in the elbow and fits into your fossa with the humerus once the arm is extended

أسْلوب، طَريقَة عَمَلعلميةعَمَلِيَّةعَمَلِيَّه صِناعِيَّهعَمَلِيَّه، سِلْسِلَة أحداث

xiphoid process the pointed process of cartilage, supported by a core of bone, connected With all the decreased conclude of your sternum; called also xiphoid.

The slim Portion of the base in the occipital bone, in front of the foramen magnum, articulating With all the sphenoid bone. Synonym: pars basilaris ossis occipitalis

b : a normal continuing exercise or operate these types of existence processes as respiratory and also the circulation with the blood

2. The process on the inferior nasal concha extending laterally and covering the orifice with the antrum.

We’ve automated time-consuming administrative workflows and relieved providers of regulatory compliance burdens. It is possible to accessibility robust reporting and Transcard’s Open up API allows for A fast, uncomplicated integrations.

processing - getting ready or putting by way of a prescribed method; "the processing of recently arrived immigrants"; "the processing of ore to get minerals"

experimental situation, issue - the technique that is different in an effort indian visa to estimate a variable's outcome by comparison that has a Command situation

air-problem - Management the humidity and temperature of; "The area was amazing as it had been air-conditioned"

Procedure commonly implies a proper or established order of executing a point, a technique of conducting affairs: parliamentary treatment. Proceeding (normally pl.) applies to what goes on or can take location with a provided occasion or on the records on the occasion: Proceedings on the Royal Academy of Sciences.

one operation. Process, course of action, proceeding utilize to something which goes on or usually takes spot. A process is usually a series of progressive and interdependent ways by which an stop is attained: a chemical process.

Modern Illustrations on the internet: Noun The primary reason is to share and help other academics that have or might be going through precisely the same process

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